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Boat Tour - 3h00

Discover the wonders of nature on the Ria Formosa and be amazed and dazzled by this fragile and complex ecosystem considered to be one of Portugal's seven wonders.


On this tour you will have the opportunity to observe the birds in their habitat, the Natural Park, by navigating its mudflats and secondary channels. We will then head to Cape Santa Maria, the most southerly point of mainland Portugal, a place of great natural beauty. Finally, a stop in the most charming of all the islands, the island of Farol, where you can dive into the crystal clear waters.

Farol island

With the biggest inlet of water of all the Ria Formosa and being near the cape of Santa Maria, the most southern point of Portugal, these island has an extremely beauty marked by its imposing lighthouse.

Secondary Channels

The beautiful wild areas of the Ria Formosa Natural Park can be seen during the tour.

Bird Watching

Being the Natural Park an important I.B.A we will have the opportunity to see several types of birds that inhabit the park on the secondary channels.

Ria Formosa Natural Park

A complex lagoon system with a rich fauna and flora, considered one of the seven wonders of Portugal, a place to be visited and preserved.

Travel Itinerary

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• Clothing and footwear suitable for boat trips
• Sunscreen
• Camera / Film
• Good mood ;)

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• The schedules of departures and arrivals, the duration and itinerary of these activities are subject to change without prior notice due to security determined by the weather conditions, tides and/ or any other circumstances beyond our control.