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Dolphin Watching

Discover the wonders of nature on the Ria Formosa and be amazed and dazzled by this fragile and complex ecosystem considered to be one of Portugal's seven wonders.


This fantastic journey through the Algarve coast will give you the opportunity to observe dolphins in the wild. A unique experience that you can enjoy in the company of your family and friends.

Note: Keep in mind that the dolphin watching cannot be guaranteed 100%. However, we will strive to provide the sighting of these wonderful animals.

Dolphin Observation

Opportunity to see several species of cetaceans, the most sighted being the common dolphin and the bottle nose dolphin.

Sea Birds Observation

Possibility to see a big variety of sea birds along the way, such as Great Skua, Cory's shearwater and the Gannet.

Algarve Coast Line

A stunning view of the Europe´s finest and pristine pure beaches and islands, with many spots untouched by humans.

Ria Formosa Natural Park

A complex lagoon system with a rich fauna and flora, considered one of the seven wonders of Portugal, a place to be visited and preserved.

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