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About us

Discover the wonders of nature on the Ria Formosa and be amazed or dazzled by this fragile and complex ecosystem considered to be one of Portugal's seven wonders.

Enjoy your time with us!

Aboard our boats (Xarém, Renascer and Cavala) you will be able to explore the numerous islands and islets, lagoons and marsh mazes full of marine life. Our company offers a comfortable journey with a real fisherman who is able to provide you with a good understanding of the various marine species, the different methods of catching them, and the rich cultural history of these magnificent fishing grounds.

You also be able to not only visit a shellfish farm, but also to catch the seafood and savor it on an island of your choice.
There are binoculars on board so that you may observe the diverse species that inhabit the park which is considered to be an important bird area (I.B.A.).

We also provide diving equipment, so that you have the opportunity to dive into the Ria Formosa waters and discover another world of incredible marine life.
We hope you have a wonderful trip and that you enjoy all that nature has to offer.

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Sabino Boat Tours Team

João Sabino Captain / Supervisor

The Captain and Supervisor of Sabino Boat Tours is a son of the sea!
An experienced Shellfish farmer, with allot of sailing histories to tell you about, his dream is to set sail and explore the world on a Sailing Boat, he is a good host and always funny.

Carla Sabino Office Manager

Our dedicated office manager and nature enthusiast, born in Olhão, with a direct connection to the sea and his traditions. She is always managing allot of tasks at the same time and giving the best support to the Sabino Boat Tours team.

Maria McGonnigle Customer Support

Maria give customer support, she is in charge of the tour bookings, with a detailed care about each tour she guides our clients from the booking process until the beginning of each tour. Maria is very professional, has a big smile, a heart person and a good friend. Maria is here to stay.

Henry Edwards Skipper

English blood but with a Portuguese heart, Henry is a native from Armona Island in the Ria Formosa. A Yacht Master with a wide experience in coastal navigation and specialized in dolphin and whale observation. As a true nature lover the tours are done with great dedication and always with a smile on his face.

Jaime Pinho Skipper

Jaime is a skipper with an extensive experience on the Ria Formosa. He is a very nice person, a simple man with strong values for the environment. In love with nature, he is a very calm, he transmits peace, a true audiophile, with a vast repertoire of stories to tell. It is undoubtedly a great human being to join Sabino Boat Tours team.

Daniel Freitas Skipper

Skipper Daniel has a great sailing experience, has worked in professional fishing boats, has a great knowledge about the Ria Formosa and about its fauna and flora. He is a native of the island of Madeira, the sea has always been part of his life, and at the age of 18 he made an Atlantic crossing from Madeira Island to the United States. In his youth he fell in love with the island of Farol and its charms. He is nice, a good friend to his colleagues, he likes to talk, he has a good disposition. Daniel is a great addition to the Sabino Boat Tours team.

Sabino Boat Tours • Ex-Collaborators

Miguel Vale Passos Skipper

Miguel is a funny guy by nature, with allot of experience in is life, a true nature enthusiast and truly knowledgeable about all aspects of marine biology. A truly great addition to Sabino Boat Tours team.

Ricardo Martins Skipper

Ricardo is a really funny and genuine guy, always in a good mood a truly Olhão Son. A great skipper with allot of experience in the Ria Formosa wildlife.

Cláudio Águas Operations Support

Unfortunately, Cláudio is no longer between us, his star is shining in the sky.
He was a very special friend with a great aura and lived is life to the maximum. Always with allot of strength and tourism knowledge, he was one of the foundations of Sabino Boat Tours.
His good vibes will always protect us and guide us!